The PALS Tactical Gear System

The Pouch Attachment Ladder System (PALS) Tactical Gear System was created by Natick Industries which focuses on Engineering, Development , and Research for the US Army. PALS is an series of heavy duty nylon webbing that can be used to secure smaller items to larger backpack or tactical vest systems. Originally designed to be used in conjunction with MOLLE backpack systems, it is now compatible with a wide variety of both military and civilian products. The system was first introduced in conjunction with the MOLLE fielding in 2001. Because of the popularity of P.A.L.S. in the US military, the British Army, as well as other armed forces around the globe, has begun adapting the system for their own uses.

PALS MOLLE Webbing SystemPALS webbing can be used to secure a variety of objects such as knife sheaths, weapons holsters, ammunition pouches, and radio pockets. The standard PALS grid is comprised of 1″ wide strips of nylon webbing run horizontally, secured to the backing material every 1.5″, and laid 1″ apart. Backing material can be integrated into a variety of items including backpacks and vests.

Since the system is fairly universal, just about any storage item can be modified to be able to attach to it. Also, since there are such a large selection of choices in PALS accessories, the items are available in commercial markets to allow military personnel to completely customize their packs and storage capabilities to suit their exact needs and preferences. Since the Pouch Attachment Ladder System is just a simple webbing based unit, a large selection of items can be used to attach storage pouches and accessories to it. Straps, buckles, clips, and buttons are all types of attachment methods that can be utilized with PALS. The key to a successful method of attaching items to PALS is that the connection be secure as well as easily accessible when detachment is needed.

As with many other products originally designed for milItary use, PALS units, storage pouches, and attachment accessories have gained in popularity among the civilian population and are commonly used by hikers, fishermen, hunters, campers, and other individuals desiring a customizable storage system that is affordable and easy to use.