MOLLE System Accessories

The MOLLE military backpack is comprised of a vest and pack that are complimented by a vast assortment of accessories for all personnel. Design of the unit in accordance with these accessories pays homage to the importance of an individual soldier’s needs on research or combat missions. There are attachments and additions coordinating with both the pack and vest in addition to removable parts intended to be readily available for fast, easy access. MOLLE compatible equipment accessories are coordinated and applied using the Pouch Attachment Ladder System webbing as opposed to the click and stick method on older, obsolete packs.

MOLLE Sidearm Holster (Leg)

Much of the research for the MOLLE system was conducted to maximize efficiency in a desert combat environment. It has become necessary for products to assist soldiers in Middle Eastern climates, as tactical operations are more frequently undertaken in these areas. An emphasis has been placed on the weight and comfort of all MOLLE pieces due to the changes in climate and terrain prevalent from Iraq to Afghanistan. With safety an equal concern, the challenge of researchers was at hand to make accessories easily attachable in addition to the body armor soldiers must bear for personal protection.

MOLLE vests and packs equipped with the PALS webbing are available in many different configurations, weights and sizes for pouches specific to the soldier’s responsibilities in the field. The pouches are manufactured of high quality combination nylon with durable closures and can accommodate any magazines, radio equipment, pistols or grenades necessary for a mission. The MOLLE system accessories have been designed to maximize space on the soldier’s person, enabling them to carry far more equipment than previous military packs. Specially designed pouches were designed to fit some of the more modern technology of warfare including GPS units, 21st century military radio devices and sophisticated short-range surveillance gear.

MOLLE accessories are catered largely to the combat soldier. For this reason, there are many varieties of ballistic vests and pad combinations. Complementing those ballistic arrangements are frames for the chest and body and a number of holsters to attach from hip to thigh. There is no better system for mission-specific accessorizing than the MOLLE design. Accessories are available for the most modern military equipment with attention to readiness and maneuverability.

Tan MOLLE Belt

MOLLE Belt with Leg Holster

MOLLE Gadget Pouch (black)