MOLLE Backpacks

Advances in ergonomic design to maximize a soldier’s load-bearing potential have resulted in the MOLLE pack and its extensive storage options. Rucksack pouches are placed to maximize easy access and storage. The MOLLE system backpack also comes with lashing straps for larger objects a soldier may need to transport, as well as a repair kit in case any of the plastic buckles are damaged or break down.

The pack can be configured to store supplies for extended missions. Designed to accommodate a 3-day mission, the MOLLE rucksack and pouches attach to the vest in a manner that distributes weight through the soldier’s hips and shoulders. Problems with posture and the spine identified by research and development within the military led to the configurations used in the MOLLE system. The sack is manufactured from a urethane-coated nylon with transparent plastic windows for easy identification without stitching or tape on camouflage.

MOLLE Backpack

Similar to the vest and accessories available for the MOLLE system, the backpack can be configured to a soldier’s specific needs for a mission or task. The rucksack contains the military’s new modular sleeping system on its underside with pouches on the soldier’s flanks for Meals, Ready to Eat. Aside from the sleeping and sustenance pouches there is ample room for additional water to supplement the soldiers one-quart canteen and tube hydration system. It is at the soldier’s discretion how much water must be transported for a mission and with this consideration many may use space otherwise occupied with extra rations for gas masks or extra clothing.

When considering combat in a desert environment the military recognized heat as it relates to fatigue and stress on the body. For this reason, the rucksack was designed to break away from the soldier’s MOLLE combat vest in an instant with a simple pull cord mechanism. Though it is imperative to carry a large amount of supplies for comfort and safety in the desert-fighting environment, it is equally important to maneuver in the instance of a firefight without the weight a pack can contain. There is a smaller detachable pack that soldiers can break away from the larger pack if it is determined to be more efficient. The military personnel can select the fillings of their detachable pack from the contents of the larger pack to save energy in faster moving operations.

The MOLLE system rucksack has the following features and additional add-ons:

  • The MOLLE rucksack is made of one thousand denier cordura and standard nylon
  • An external frame
  • A Shoulder strap assembly that comes complete with a quick release mechanism
  • A Waist belt
  • A waist pack that can be removed
  • The main ruck has three thousand cubic centimeters of space
  • The attachable assault pack has an additional five hundred cubic centimeters of space
  • A sleep system carrier designed for the modular sleep system
  • Two pouches designed for sustainment
  • A fighting load carrier system
  • Three 30 round magazine pouches that can be added.
  • Two pouches for grenades
  • Two general purpose pouches suitable for carrying one quart of water a piece when desired.
  • This design comes in desert, woodland, or ACU design. The ACU design is the most often created and used currently.