Canvas Duffle Bags

The origin of the duffel bag stems from a town in Brabant, Belgium. The name of the town was Dufflel. They referred to it as duffel cloth which was a heavy wollen material, with a thick nap. It was used to transport personal belongings, equipment and even some supplies.

Heavy Duty Canvas Duffle BagThe duffle bag was introduced to the US military in 1917.  They used the bags to carry their clothing, personal things or whatever they can fit into these bags. They found by storing these articles, freed up much needed space for other things. The bags were also proven to be very durable and could withstand being out in harsh conditions.

Today, the canvas duffle bag has proven and fullfilled it’s purpose. Many people use them in everyday walks of life. They are used frequently today for travel, going to the gym, or packing away things you don’t use anymore. You can purchase them in a small size to the largest. Some even come with wheels for easy pulling through airports, or maybe you have a long walk ahead of you and the bag is just to heavy to carry.

Whatever your purpose is for the canvas duffle bag, having one is a plus. Most homes have at least one because they are very useful and affordable. Who knew, that this type of bag would make it’s way on a long journey from Belgium, to the United States?

When you think about it, the impact it has made in today’s world is astounding. From the beginning, just for the purpose of carrying belongings for army troops, into today’s world where in a matter of fact, thousands of people carry them for everyday use. The next time you go out for the day, just look around. I am sure you notice someone is carrying the bag.