CFP-90 Field Backpack

CFP-90 Field Pack is designed for longer military missions and assignments.  This is a rugged pack designed for the military but it’s also great for camping and hiking too!  The field pack is made out of 8oz backcoated nylon, making it abrasion resistant and water repelant.  You can find it with a camo woodland print, in olive drab or just plain black. The whole pack ends up weighing about 8 pounds.

CFP-90 Field Backpack (Black)CFP-90 Field Pack has an aluminum internal frame made up of 2 poles that runs the length of the pack (which can be removed if needed).  The field pack offers an adjustable suspension system, lower back padding, an extended lumbar support pad and nicely padded shoulder pads.  The pack has 2 main compartments, the ‘main’ compartment and a lower sleeping bag area.  The main compartment has a false bottom that can be opened to make one large compartment.  On the outside, the pack has 1 long side pocket and on the other side 2 smaller cargo pockets.  All of which use various straps to secure things.

The pack uses 2 strap assemblies that have quick release buckles and also allow you to hook the CFP 90 combat pack on top of the CFP 90 Field backpack.