CFP-90 Combat Patrol Backpack

CFP-90 combat pack, (also called the cfp 90 patrol pack) is a lighter, lower capacity version of the CFP 90 field pack.  The combat/patrol pack is designed for short missions.  It only has 1200 cubic inches of cargo space split between 2 compartments.  The main compartment is padded to help protect the wearer from sharp items.  This main compartment also has 2 tie-downs to help keep equipment in place and stable.

CFP-90 Patrol Pack (CFP 90 Combat Pack)The CFP 90 combat backpack has its own shoulder harness, but it can be used with a tactical vest.  In this case the shoulder pads of the pack are worn directly over the vests shoulder pads.  The combat pack can also strap to the larger CFP 90 field backpack.  In that case, the patrol pack attaches directly to the field packs shoulder straps with the waist straps used to keep the combat pack from bouncing around.