Medium ALICE Packs

The bulk and weight of a large ALICE will certainly limit the mobility of the carrier. In many battle situations provisions and equipment can be delivered to the individual soldier in a matter of hours, so he or she only needs to carry a few items that he or she will need on a minute-to-minute basis. For example, the usual supply of ammunition may be used up in a short time. In such occasions extra magazines of ammunition in the pack will be vital for continued functioning.

The medium ALICE provides for maximum maneuvering with substantial extra supply and equipment as will be required in the days operations. As with the large ALICE, the belt and suspenders keep the pack secure to the body without interfering with normal movement of the arms and legs. A lot of the features of the medium ALICE are included in the assault versions of the ILBE developed by the Marine Corps for the Middle East operations currently on-going.

For hunting, hiking, skiing and other activities allowing for return to a well-supplied base each evening, the medium ALICE might be the ideal way to sustain activity in the wild from morning to night. Bearing 20 to 30 pounds, this pack should permit packing the required provisions without adding the extra weight and bulk that a larger pack would entail.

The ALICE PACK measures 18″ long x 14″ wide (Over all 19″ x 20″ x 11″).