Large ALICE Packs

The necessary belt and suspenders fundamental to a large ALICE pack may or may not require an aluminum pipe frame. Such a frame permits the attachment of an aluminum shelf at the bottom of the frame. The frame and the shelf permit the attachment of both the multipouch pack in addition to cans which might contain extra gasoline, water, rations, and ammunition. This permits the individual soldier to carry his own necessities as well as supplies for his group. Thus the group can penetrate and maintain control of a remote area where supply vehicles cannot go.

Likewise, a civilian hiker or skier may wish to penetrate a remote area and stay there for an extended period of time. Such a person will want to carry whatever necessities for subsistence and shelter as the climate may call for. The ability to pack materials weighing 75 pounds or more in a large ALICE pack will give the hiker of skier all that he or she will need in the wilderness.

The large ALICE can carry 75 pounds or more. It measures 20″ long x 19″ wide.