Complete ALICE Packs

Since World War I and before, U. S. soldiers have relied on their “ruck sacks” or other carrying bags for a wide variety of uses. Anyone going anywhere looks for ways of transporting tools and accessories that they expect to need when they get there.

During the Viet Nam War in the jungles of Southeast Asia the need for packs to sustain life and effectiveness for extended times led to the development of All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment called ALICE. There was a need for a large ALICE pack, for a medium ALICE pack, and for a time the US Army thought they needed a small ALICE pack. Adaptations of these designs are commercially available for civilian expeditions and activities such as hunting, hiking, and shelterless subsistence.

Whether troops expect to occupy and control the countryside or some urban area, it’s important to be able to carry both general and specific provisions to sustain living in a hostile environment. Food, water, and ammunition are among the items that might not be readily available during an extended period away from the established base. The individual soldier might be called upon to carry both supplies and weapons into such an environment. In such situations a large ALICE pack will be necessary.

Complete ALICE Pack sets include a pack, the frame, hip pads and appropriate straps.