ACU Boots

Military combat boots are tough.  They are designed to be strong and rugged and are made to survive the harsh conditions a solider is going to put them though.  ACU boots lace up over and above the ankle.  This is to help strengthen and stabilize the ankle to prevent twists and sprains.  The boot is also designed to be comfortable to the soldier who is going to have to wear them for an extended period of time.

ACU Boots

The Army Combat Uniform specifications for the ACU boots are very specific. ACU boots have to meet the following requirements:

  • Boots have to be at least 8 inches in height.
  • Must be made from tan leather.
  • Must have the rough side of the leather out.
  • Have a plain toe.
  • Have tan rubber outsole.
  • No metal zippers, metal cleats or metal side tabs.

It’s important to note that the ACU boot has no metal components.  This keeps the boot light and safe from electrical dangers.

ACU Boots will vary slightly in style from manufacturer to manufacturer.  They just have to meet the official specifications to qualify as official Army Combat Uniform boots.